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Baby massage school “nagomi”
I would like to introduce the effect of baby massage. 
There are many effectings in babymassage so I would like to introduce one by one in several times.
The first issue for effecting of babymassage is “Encourage the development of a baby’s brain, to reduce stress and improve the immune system.”
We will massage baby with warm mother’s hands from their toes to the back. Especially in the soles of the feet there are many reflex zones and reflex zones.
We can expect effects of act on the brain and nervous system in the pleasant stimulus. In addition, by performing a massage in the warm mother’s hands with the oil, your baby will be able to reduce the stress.
I think it is the charm of babymassage that mother can be done for own baby and increase the immunity of the baby itself.
If there are any interests or queries, please feel free to contact me.
I hope every mother to spend wonderful time with your baby.


Mari Shimizu
Babymassage therapist